Technical requirements/limits

All 3d assets should be in .glb file format for now to upload and use in our engine. GLB is actually very powerful thing - you could pack all textures and animation in it.

For Blender .glb export a look in the official documentation can help a lot, especially for some details like Materials/AO and Multi-Animation Export 😉

Because our engine "web-browser native" (means that all modern browsers should support and open our experiences) we have limitations on available memory and therefore on the 3d scene.

At the moment (WebGL 2.0 active renderer) the rule of thumb are

  • 100.000 vertices

  • 2 texture atlases (8k + 4k),

  • 1 video file

  • 3 audio files

should work fine on all available devices. Including most mobile devices. In nearest future we want to do some research and more clear devices limitation as device/limits grid so Artist could be more confident on which device experience would be available without any unexpected crashes.

Platform should start without any surprises on:

  • Oculus Quest VR Headset (because founders personally have it)

  • in nearest future Valve Index should be added too.

There are no big issues to adapt platform for specific VR headset device if it support WebXR standard it is more question of initial configuration setup for each device - to do it properly we need to physically test it for a few days so I believe more devices coming this year.

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