Web XR engine

How to build a new scene

To create a new scene you need to be authorized and attached to one of the workspaces. If all of this is done you will see the button "New experience" at the top menu.
You should be authorized
After that, you will see the builder tool with a blank scene:
Blank scene with an ambient light only
On the left (under the 8XR logo) you could see tools to operate with the scene: - Transition tool - Rotation tool - Scale tool - Locate tool - Undo tool - Redo tool - Publish tool - Settings for the scene
The bottom panel is the assets panel. You should pre-upload all your assets. Please take a look here how to do that 3d assets import
On the right, you could find the "Inspector" panel: each time you focus on an object from the scene inspector helps you to show all details about this particular object.

Real-time collaboration

Believe it or not, you could build the scene with your friends together in real-time and all new changes will be interpreted as "Events" and stacked together in the scene timeframe. That means you will have no conflicts and you could see all changes immediately on the screen.