Web XR engine

Spawn Point

On our platform, the player by default spawns at the point 0 0 0. Because of this, we have to adjust the whole scene to this position. Spawn Point allows defining where the player will spawn!
Let's add one spawn point to our scene.
Spawn Point creation
And place it where we want to. Also, you can set the rotation Y parameter to define the direction where the player will look at. In our example, we will place it near the fountain and will look at it.
Place the Spawn Point
Now you can launch the scene and check it!
Player spawns where we defined
There is another problem that a Spawn Point solves. If many users will visit your scene at the same time they all will spawn at the same place. To solve it you can place many spawn points on the scene.
Place many Spawn Points
In this case, the player will spawn at one of the Spawn Points randomly.